Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More furry friends

This is a 6x6 oil of Rocky, the one eye was all black, which is hard to pull off, so I added a highlight, I think I need to gray that down a bit. Sometime when painting from a picture you need to add or change a few things to make it come off. SOLD

Lilly, 6x6 Oil SOLD

6x6 Oil, SOLD
This is another cat owned by the same person that owns the gray one I did below, Slits and Fur

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  1. These are my cats--Goosey (Orange) and Monkey (Grey). They were presented to me at Thanksgiving by my friend DP and I was blown away. Love them. My girls actually look like abstractions in reality. Great work. I have another cat MEL who is the boss of all of us. Can't wait to see her immortalized in oil to comlpete the set. jb