Saturday, October 8, 2011


Big Ears, Oil 8x8

This was a dog done from a photo in an old book I found, A Thousand Dogs. Normally when I use a photo, the dog is not too much like the photo cause I abstract it, but this one was a bit too close to the photo, so I marked on the back of this painting, the photographer's name and the date when it was taken. There is a line when using someones work to do your work. May have crossed it with this one, so I will hold on to this one and mark it up to practice.  

                                                                             Oil, 6x6 SOLD

This is another attempt at the dog I did below, which is a photo of  a friends dog. The first one below, the head is too wide and I am not sure about this one either. I do not paint as if it's a photo. I don't block out with a grid, on the photo and then create that grid on the canvas, I like the abstraction of what I do, but having said that, when I am doing a dog for someone, it misses the mark sometimes.

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