Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dogs, Dogs and Dogs

Black Lab, Oil 6x6

Rescue dog being fostered by a friend, Oil 8x8

Shaved sheep dog, Oil 20x20

 Once I started painting dogs a few months ago I can't seem to stop. They are interesting to paint, it is finding a picture, setting up the problem, drawing the image and then trying to paint, keeping loose and bright and not getting into details or over painting .....but trying to get it to look like the picture of the dog. Works sometimes and sometimes it just doesn't. The first one above, the black lab, the eyes are to close together, in the picture the eyes are apart more, I might change this if the paint stays wet or try another one. Going over a painting sometime makes it look overworked. Nothing worst then an over worked painting.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Here is another oil, 6x6 based on a photo I took of my friends dog. I have many pictures of this dog and each one I use gets a different result, and I'm not sure any of them look like the same dog.... the essence of the dog maybe. Once again quick brush strokes and very loose. Clarence has SOLD.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New stuff

There is a female coyote at Ano Nuveo State reserve that walks the beach each day, checking for anything dead. She is a real mess, but always seems to be up beat and in step. This is a 8x10 Oil of that coyote. I am still working with this painting, I like the coyote, but the foreground I still want to play around with. 

Coyote, Oil 6x6

Trees, Oil 5x7

The Hill on Hwy 101, Oil 5x7

Above are a few new works, things are a bit slow. I have painted some things that I am just not happy with, so I am in a little slump. Slumps are good sometimes it means there might be a break though just around the corner.  Now where is that corner ......