Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Paintings

At Christmas I was down at Santa Barbara this is small painting of a photo I took from my phone.
Oil 8x8

Small Oil Sketch 4x4

Small Oil Sketch 4x4

This is from a friends photo of her cat, not sure I have the eyes right yet.
Oil 6x6

This is a blue dog done from a great black and white photo of a dog named Jake. I did a smaller 11x14 in true colors of the dog, which the owners liked, but I thought I would play around some more, since it was such a great photo. This is like the great photo of Taz I got to paint,  the dog posted awhile ago. It makes all the difference when you get a great photo, and the dog has some kind of feeling. Both Jake and Taz have passed away, boy what cool dogs. Not sure what I'm doing with the background yet.
In process, Oil 20x 20

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