Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New stuff

There is a female coyote at Ano Nuveo State reserve that walks the beach each day, checking for anything dead. She is a real mess, but always seems to be up beat and in step. This is a 8x10 Oil of that coyote. I am still working with this painting, I like the coyote, but the foreground I still want to play around with. 

Coyote, Oil 6x6

Trees, Oil 5x7

The Hill on Hwy 101, Oil 5x7

Above are a few new works, things are a bit slow. I have painted some things that I am just not happy with, so I am in a little slump. Slumps are good sometimes it means there might be a break though just around the corner.  Now where is that corner ......

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