Monday, July 11, 2011

Abstract Landscape Oil 12x12

I drive a lot on hwy 1, California coast hwy. On one side of the hwy is the ocean on the other is farmland. When I drive north, some of the hills are high and then low, flat farmlands, I'm attracted to all those shapes. In the afternoon when I drive south, the high hills and the low farmland have different shapes the cows are walking in straight lines .... heading home. All this I see, but what I see most is the shapes and the colors. Below is an oil painting of those shapes.


  1. All paintings are hand-painted oil painting .The quality of paint pigment is stable and the color is not easy to change, which is up to the international detection standard of environmentally friendly materials. We pursue high quality of the painting and precise control of the detail.

  2. When I buy a new house, it seems to be with something more in it, after many minutes, I think about it--- oil paintings , my house then seems so beautiful!