Thursday, June 23, 2011

My goal for the next few weeks

Above is Kyle 6x6 Oil
My goal is to paint at least one painting a day, this is to keep me loose. The more I paint the more I learn and go in the direction I want to go. When painting I like to set up a problem for myself.  Keep loose, finish a painting in less than an hour, don’t blend,  keep my brush stokes apart and a  whole lot of other problems I try to work out on the canvas.  When it comes to subject matter it changes. California landscapes, still lifes, and now portraits. Many of the blogs I view have given me great ideas so I hope to do the same. I am also somewhat of a closet artist,  I have a real problem marketing myself, showing my art and participating in shows.  So the blog is letting me talk and show my art without talking and showing my art …way to go. This is my plan for this week,  to do one painting a day, loose, also to come up with a theme. Mary Medrano, who is one of my favorite painters is doing 50 paintings in 50 days of dogs, great subject. Karin Jurick another great painter  did 100 mug shots or portraits in 100 days. These are great ideas,  great practice for any artist, and produce nice works of art. 

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